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Korel  Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is a family company  established in 1988 with a target to produce household refrigeration components.

Today, Korel, with a 30 years  lasting experience has become one of the best preferred companies in the sector, producing components for cooling industry and automotive parts. Korel is a partner company, local and overseas, for all household appliances producers.

Korel, has 5 production facilities placed in Eskişehir (3), Manisa and Çerkezköy and production takes place under 65000 meter squares covered area. All the products are very well designed to respect all the customer needs and EN norms, in the following areas.Cooling system components for household refrigeration and heat pump systems, defrost heaters and precision extruded aluminium tubes for refrigeration and automotive indsutries.

Korel  is exporting  50% of it’s world Quality products, produced according to customer specifications, EN, ISO and TS norms in conformance to environment protection rules.

Besides the industrial facilities, Korel has investments in tourism, agriculture in Afyon and recently started a new investment in Eskişehir to produce complete finished bicycles under  ‘’ Corelli ’’ brand. All the aluminium parts including frames, forks, handle bars, seat tubes are produced locally by Korel.

Today, in avarage 2000 people are employed in Korel facilities.

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