All kind of refrigeration eveporators are produced in Korel facilities in compliance to DIN/EN norms, and shipped to local and export markets.

Heat pump components or complete heat pump systems production has been a new experience for Korel and become a well know company in the market.

Heat pump systems are used in cloth dryers and water heating appliances with low energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

Heat pump machines are simple refrigeration system, were the heat collected from the condenser is used to dry wet clothes or heat the water for house use.

Korel  has the facilities to produce heat pump evapoators, condensers, connection tubing formed with 3D bending machines; with different dimensions and different fin distances increasing efficiencies.

Complete finished heat pump units, assembled, tested, evacuated and refrigerant charged and performance tested can be produced in Korel facilities.

The cooling system components; evaporators and condencers can be produced with aluminium tube –aluminium fins or with copper tube-aluminium fins variations, resulting much more efficient components.

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